🇲🇲Inside Myanmar: The Crackdown l Rewind

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🇲🇲Inside Myanmar: The Crackdown l Rewind3.5
Back in 2007, the people of Myanmar were still living under harsh military rule. Among the first major international news stories Al Jazeera covered was the Myanmar government's brutal crackdown on peacefully protesting monks.

News reaching the outside world at that time was scarce. But Al Jazeera correspondent Tony Birtley was one of the few international journalists who had managed to get into the country, and was able to film the unfolding events while working undercover at the very heart of the protests.

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WATCH that video carefully!!!!
it is at 2008, monks n people against military govertment to get Decomrcacy

That video is NOTHING CONCERN about muslim and buddhist pepole

Coz of them we get democracy at 2010 and u guys Muslims can ask human right in



what if Americans just started murdering Mexicans and saying, "oh they're foreign, they don't belong here anyway." or "they're naturally violent people." there are children being killed, anyone who tries to justify that is an animal. period.

Author — Ahmad Dakhlallah


this should be taken veeerryyy serious.. its not about religion.. its about humanity.. our species.. asean must work together stop myanmar ridiculous madness..

Author — Jairul Joe


Allah may give all mayanmar peoples to get into peace. Maymanmar please don`t forget what you are doing with innocent people because it will happen with you and that time, you will not found any way to escape. Allah is the greatest of all..

Author — Yousuf ali


May peace, wealth, (clean) water & health come to Myanmar & people around the world. May all people be free from suffering like this.

Author — Wullop Khin


Orang Indonesia terbukti banyak yang goblok.. komentar panjang lebar nyebar2in hatespeech tapi gak tau kalo isi video ini tentang apa.. dear Tololers, tolong di liat dulu ini video di rekamnya kapan? trus liat juga nih di uploadnya kapan, dan silahkan di cek, kasus rohingnya / burma itu mulai terjadinya kapan.. please be smart..

Author — Fickry Afriansyah


Burmese peoples are just protecting their country from terrorist...

Author — Walky


this was right in front of my home but i was 2years old then...
and yes i do live in myanmar

Author — SDB


The monk actually is a Monkeys....ur justice day will come soon...u all will be staying in hell forever....u just wait for ur turn to be punish....

Author — mohamad zaini mohd daud


Most of the Buddhist monks in Burma are "Impostors". No sincere Buddhist monks will resort to such kind of violence or hate. Many Burmese involuntarily became Buddhist monks either to escape persecution from the dictator or poverty.  Considering the impoverish state of the country,   it looks like they are venting their anger & misery on Muslims as they can't do much against the Govt.

Author — Metta Metta


used to muslim budhist christian againt junta. today after myanmar almost close to democracy. Budhist and army want muslim goaway from myanmar.

Author — Adi Susanto


WTF is with these rude muslim comments, It's just the Corrupt Burmese military killings the Buddhist monks, There's not even any muslims wtf

Author — Moe Thuta


AMAZING coverage. This almost gives me tears. EXCELLENT display of civil disobedience. A great era to see such amazing people rise.

Author — Jason Waite


this is why we don't want Gun Control in America. Nay Win took over power and guns since that Myanmar gets poor and poor. and civilians lost their rights. that's why the Karen never give up on their guns. "surrender is out of the question." by the founder of KNU, Saw Ba Oo Gyi

Author — Occupy Till I Come Luke 19:13


Man this is sickening, These minority's are humans who are being persecuted in the worse way possible, The UN have labelled them as the most oppressed people on earth. Everyone has turned a blind eye to them. Where is the international condemnation? Why are the west such as US and UK not intervening? They can intervene and invade Muslim country's around the world but not help the most oppressed people.
What's more appalling is no Muslim country is willing to give them refuge. Man it hurts

Author — Antidote54



Author — Simon McMenemy


ALL 755 comments here are just stupid. all missed the point that it was started as a protest over fuel subsidiaries, and the generals and their policy oppression.
nothing to do with religion.
the duty of a true patriot is to protect his country from its government – Thomas Paine

Author — calvin shaw


Is this what monks should be doing on streets?

Author — My name is Khan


The BallHeads guys look Like a Devil ~

Author — Voila Voila


This is not a debate about religion this is a humanitarian crises the killing of innocent civilians is wrong no matter who is doing it. In this case they happen to be buddhists but that doesn't mean buddhists are bad, just these ppl committing this terror. Religion can be used as a force of good or evil depending on is using it. We must unite from all religions against this terrorists just like we must unite against isis and terrorist from all backgrounds. It's a shame that this video was posted nine years ago and today the situation is worse where is international condemnation. If this happened to Europeans or Americans the media and politicians would criticize it 24/7 😥

Author — TP

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