Dershowitz reacts to Cohen plea deal in Russia probe

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Dershowitz reacts to Cohen plea deal in Russia probe4.5

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Rudy Giuliani on Michael Cohen:

"he's an honest, honorable lawyer" - May 2018

"he's been lying for years" - November 2018

Well? Which is it?

Author — MOO :P


Dershowitz asserts that in most parts of the world making false statements is not a chargeable offense. He follows up by saying that the repeated lies by Cohen to our legal representatives are not important (which Dershowitz can't really know at this time). Dershowitz' theme that lying to government representatives is not important is repeated by many of the comments here.

It seems that there is agreement on the facts - that there is a great deal of lying - but disagreement on whether lying matters. Personally, I prefer leadership that tells the truth. I expect that most readers (if not commenters) do, too.

I think we should all expect our representatives to speak the truth. Liberal, Conservative, whatever. If we don't expect truthfulness, why even listen?

Author — Brian Wandell


Watching how CNN and Fox News spin the information is fun and all, but reading the comment sections takes the cake, like watching 2 ducks fight over a piece of bread.



Reading the comments on here, the Trumpers CLEARLY don't have a clue. Whether this business deal was "legal" or not, or constitutes "collusion" or not, is IRRELEVANT. What matters is that once again, Trump is shown to be an unrepentant, pathological liar, who told a baldfaced lie about something that is CENTRAL to whether he had motivation to collude with Russia on other matters that he vehemently denies any involvement in as well.

It further chips away at Trump's already long-since-gone credibility.

Author — riddleOFst33l


So...Mueller, you have now established your next star witness is also not a credible source of truth either.

Author — Dre Zee


David Rockefeller put a branch of his bank in Moscow in 1968.


Mueller is a criminal.

Author — Norwood Partz


Hillary Clinton made several false statements to congress... where is that indictment?

Author — Hayabusa Dragon


Just wait. When Mueller can't delay the end of his "investigation" any longer the trap is sprung. Trump is going to unleash holy hell on the whole crooked lot of them. Hillary, Obama, Comey, Mueller, Podesta, Huma, etc. etc. They know their days are numbered. This is the whole reason Trump has just let Mueller run free. I guarantee he knows its only a matter of time. Trump has the evidence... THE FISA DOCUMENTS! It's over for them.

Author — Dapper Cat Pictures


What I've learned from this whole thing is: Never talk to the FBI, they will try and take anything you say and try to twist it and accuse you of "lying to the FBI". This is complete corruption.

Author — chaosda


Russia probe is pouring from the empty into the void

Author — Michael Garland


Yawn. Mueller spooling yet another ham sandwich indictment.

Author — Ouroboros Null


Liberalism is a disease, it creates Trump derangement syndrome.

Author — Jerry Rowden


This whole thing is a tiring travesty. I’m glad Dershowitz makes the point that these so called perjury crimes were made after the Mueller posse started. It can happen to anyone if that is the legal bar we are now measuring. I’ve looked at this whole thing as unconstitutional at best and a coup at worst. Why do we American’s have to stand by idly while this idiot Mueller and his rogue posse tries to oust our president. And then you have bitter, unpopular, jealous liberals like Jeff Flake trying to make Mueller and his gang a defacto fourth branch of government. Mike Lee laid it down beautifully yesterday in explaining how this bill to “protect Mueller” is unconstitutional.

Author — Optimal81


Had Trump not been a candidate for POTUS at the time, Putin would have had no interest in negotiating a business deal with Trump as there would have been nothing of value to be gained for Russia by dealing with Trump.

Author — Julian Keith


Mueller is now a victim of his own fake investigation into “muh russia”. Poor Libtards are in meltdown hahaha

Author — Why Are libtards DUMB


Maybe these people shouldn't lie about these things when they are talking to government officials.

Author — longshot789


so a business man that have business all over the world, can have a business in russia?, and what has trump to do with him lying? is there any evidence that this is russian collusion?

Author — Gianni


No collusion; please stop wasting my tax dollars.

Author — Anglomik


Mueller can only resort to perjury traps.

Author — Betsy Ross


This Mueller investigation is just totally corrupt. Alan, the lone remaining bright, and rational liberal.

Author — Dean Tait

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