How Big do Tsunamis Get?

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How Big do Tsunamis Get?5

How big do Tsunamis Get? The answer is pretty terrifying, and pretty big.

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Land : *exists*
Tsunami : its free real estate

Author — Lava Pro


What would happen if a tsunami hit a tornado?

Author — lancer claw nation


my shit makes tsunamis that can end the world

Author — Murat Cetin


Its not fun to think about the East coast of the US getting wiped out XD

Author — Sauroņ Ndg


Why click on the video when the thumbnail answers the question?

Author — Surfnam


Trump can easily build a wall to keep the immigrant water away ;)

Author — Gamer Tube10


Wave: not bad
Tsunami: hold my beer

Mega Tsunami: hold my vodka

Author — Kevin L


So basically here’s our options.

Yellowstone super volcano 🌋
Mega tsunami 🌊

So die by fire and poisoning and explosion on the West Coast / mid west Or die from drowning and destruction on the east coast, you know Alaska seems to be the only place that’s safe?

Author — SoKhaotic


That's all cool and everything but...can you surf them?

Author — Marat Semenov


6:34. That arrow is basically pointing straight at my state... I'm scared now.

Author — Gachavids with AquaWolfy


I should be happy that I live in the west coast

Author — RoBoBLox


Mini wave : hold my water
Tall wave : hold my orange juice
Big Wave : hold my lemonade
Tsunami: hold my wine

Author — Evie Unicorn Gacha


If you think these tsunamis are bad you should see my cannonballing skills.

Author — Protagonist


I'm gonna move to Kansas now. (and I'm making sure there aren't any dams nearby)

Author — Sabrina Wang


I live in Malta so who's in 2018 you know that Etna the volcano is going to kinda fall to the sea they said we are taking a 10 meter tsunami but I'm on the other side of Malta so I'm definitely safe

Author — Fned Fgamerpro


Which is bigger,

The Empire State Building,
Very Big?

Author — Parsley


End : but its still fun to think about

Yeah right
Your having fun thinking about a mega tsunami 5000 meters high crashing on to the east coast of America and you think thats fun
Jeez what is life 😅

Author — chocolate lollipops, with a hint of sprinkles


Don't worry, Trump will build a terrific Wall that will keep out this immigrant terrorist tsunami.

Author — Hunter


Its totally fun to think about the whole east coast being wiped out by a wave :D

Author — Laurie


I'm not scared to die cuz god we going to die soon when we got old so there no escape our no magic to fix it -_-

Author — MOGLY. F8

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