MS-13 gang member caught traveling with migrant caravan

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MS-13 gang member caught traveling with migrant caravan4.5
Chief Border Patrol agent of the San Diego sector Rodney Scott says the situation at the border is 'getting worse.'

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See Trump was right....he is a bad hombre.

Author — mixflip


These migrants give us Hispanics who came in the proper legal way a bad name. In short; you embarrass us.

Author — UnCommon The Rapper


These MS-13 Gang members should be shoot on sight!!! No mercy!! Just like their code! They don't value human life why should we value theirs!

Author — Darth Heisenberg


Thank God Trump Is President!!! Deport all these Criminals!!!! 🇺🇸

Author — Fire Ice


Mexican officials in Tijauna said one third of the invaders are being treated for health problems such as TB, HIV Aids, chicken pox and other diseases. The Democrats are endangering our lives by refusing to fund the wall.

Author — hillbilly beer dranker


I had Latin gangs in my high school dont let them in here please!!

Author — risingsun49


I Live in Tijuana and is over a thousand MS 13 scumbags in the caravan

Author — Exterminador de Centracas


Gee, who could have seen this coming? Oh wait everybody.

Author — GANTZ100pts


He only wants to come in for a better life!

Author — Black Biggot


Finish the wall and begin deportation...

Author — Robert Litsenberger


You see President Trump is right again and the SJW turds are pissed off now because he's right.

Author — Jason Palacios


Does anybody else find it embarrassing that our country's most vulnerable border is made up of scrap metal and fence posts? A REAL border wall may not stop everything and everyone from crossing our border illegally, but it goes a long way to help border patrol do their job. We make sure that our troops have the best equipment and support, why can't we do the same for the people that protect our borders?

Author — Chris G


These pwople are starting a war and severely damaging Tijuana and their resources. They will start robbing and killing the citizens soon. Its time to put the city on lock down and evacuate all non citizens. The military needs to step in with a warning and some firepower. Those animals will be gone in a week amd and Mexico and the US will have a nice little anniversary to celebrate evey year. The day we stood up together to protect our countries and our borders from foreign invaders. We are protecting our women and children, not pushing them to the front of the firing line. This has gone too far.send them home and actually make them walk this time. With zero hand outs.

Author — Maren West


Trump should do WHATEVER is necessary to keep them OUT and fix that so-called wall ASAP, are we supposed to support the entire world and keep all the murderers, etc.. in jail that US taxpayers pay for???

ILLEGAL immigration has ALREADY gone way too far, thank GOD Trump is our President and not

Author — jim dandy


Just another situation where fake news was wrong and Trump was right.

Author — Mike Perry


Not 1 member of the invading caravan should be admitted--this will send a clear message to come legally only

Author — Chantel Smith


Maybe jim acosta will let this thug stay at his house..

Author — Thomas Price


None of these people should be allowed in NONE!

Author — Kimberly Rundall


They arrested another one in Texas the Rio grande sector and also arrested 2 people that where wanted or arrested for sexual misconduct with a minor and you don’t see that in the news

Author — Border Life


Barack Obama deceived people. Jim Acosta deceived people. The MSM deceived people. The Democrats/Socialists deceived people. President Trump told the truth. Now what are the deceivers going to do about the problem they created?

Author — Life In The Faith Lane

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