Russia releases 'confession' video of Ukrainian sailors | DW News

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Russia releases 'confession' video of Ukrainian sailors | DW News4
Tensions have escalated between Moscow and Kyiv after Russia seized three Ukrainian naval vessels in a skirmish on Sunday. At least a dozen Ukrainian sailors have been detained for trial - and some have been shown on Russian television, making what Ukraine called 'forced confessions'. Ukraine's president says Russia is preparing for an invasion and has turned to Berlin for help.

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Poroshenko is trying to kill two birds at once with this provocation, first - martial law, to get more control before the election; second - to create a problem for TurkStream under the Black Sea, that Russia and Turkey are building

Author — Arthur Don't


If Cuban sailors tried that with America it would be worst

Author — Gaza kingpin


The argument that this is all political by the Ukrainian president given the timing sounds like a stronger argument. I am tired of all this 'Russia is a bully' argument.

Author — Sandor Clegane


Ukraine do you really think we going on a war against Russia just for you and your fascist government? You very wrong.

Author — Avagina Bulava


Dear Ukraine,
Pls stop poking the Russian bear.

Author — Ras Putin


Only fools like Poroshenko Nato and the US have no meaning with that warning because they are terrorist but the sailors gave necessary statement based on honesty that means they were forced to do so by NATO and the foolish Poroshenko so that international put a blame on Russia and Putin favour to Russians and the Holly land

Author — Morkel Morkel


Ukrainians are practically begging for attention. Ships have been passing through the strait with no problem until last Sunday when they decided to make a scene. Is humiliating your country really worth a few million dollars in donation?

Author — thegreendestiny


gonna be honest it does look like a set up by the Ukraine president, as i cannot come up with a logical reason why their ships would need to pass through that area other 1) than to get to the other coast (that i assume is covered by other ships) and 2) provoke the Russians to respond, triggering... international intervention, the exact thing Russia doesn't want

Author — Ethan Ridgdill



Author — Ben Burzer659


There IS no “Crimea conflict”
There is a Crimean parliament who organised a referendum on the political direction the majority of Crimeans wanted to go.
The outcome was an overwelming pro- Russian compass.
The parliament really lISTENED to its peoples and started intensive relations with Russia, with mr. Putin.
He also listened to the Crimean peoples and granted they’re democratic
The fake “conflict” is: the Kiev criminals lost and they don’t accept...they total contempted those peoples.
Mr. Putin has proven to be a super GREAT real leader.
Like mr. Trump is a great genious real leader.
Hope they will become good friends

Author — heinz53


I wouldn't trust the Ukrainians on anything other than their confessions which are in all probability entirely truthful.

Author — Internet Privacy Advocate


Russia used to have those borders and wants to go back to owning that land like in the days of the Soviet Union and the Russian Empire. Many people in Ukraine are pro Russian, the south and east Ukraine speak Russian; eventually the borders will go back to the way they used to be for many reasons including culturally and financially.

Author — J Ratliff


Patriotic Ukrainian soldiers have said the truth that they were sent by Poroshenko to provoke Russia. So Ukraine is the aggressor and not the other way round

Author — PHIRM TV


Those map ( 1.38 ) show true orders of Ukranian state darker colours where Russians liven , Ukraine is not have any Sea border all were Soviet Union gift to ukrania state in order to win their confidence to soviet State no one was expecting Soviet Union Dissolve and all those States get huge amount of land from True Russian State and overnite most of them declare Russsia their Enemy. .

Author — Al Bundy


Even the Evil USA can never allow any ship to there own country. Do you know that if two countries are doing peaceful business and living in peace, only U.S and It's allies are the terrorist because they will put problems between them.In this case, Ukraine are doing this because of the USA and National Association of Terrorist Organization (NATO) just to fight Russia.

Author — zonkus culture zonkus


Now is the big danger period! Both Ukraine and the USA know the time is very close where they no longer will have a strangle hold on Europe by having control of Gas supplies to Europe via Ukraine. The new pipelines are very close to finished.
What dangerous stupid moves Ukraine with USA backing and even UK backing
might make is the real danger for Europe and the World. The USA is lost if it can't control. Built into there Culture. Now really dangerous with Porky facing almost certain defeat in the next Presidential Election.
Time for Germany, France and Europe to be much firmer. That is the only Language the USA understands.

Author — Discerning Troll


Washington says jump... Poroshenko asks, how high?

Author — Marcillio Ficino


The only thing that Ukrainians want its peace!!!
All of these that is going on benefits someone more powerful than poor Ukraine.
Little explanation about why so many Ukrainians speak Russian- ( that does not have anything to do whether they are pro or against Russians). All 15 countries of former Soviet Union were forced Russian language. School were taught in Russian. You didn’t have any choice. I speak Ukrainian and Russian. Unfortunately I prefer Russian language even though I’m a Ukrainian but it’s because I grew up with the language.

Author — Christian Penick


Genersl elrction is in the next year . Porosenko wants to gsin advantage provoke this

Author — zzeki sonmezz


Instead of stealing Ukraine why don’t they take Belarus because Belarus actually wants to be Russian

Author — Sam St Amant

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