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Remembering George H.W. Bush | NYT News4.5
Mr. Bush, part of a new generation of Republicans, was often referred to as the most successful one-term president.

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Why does someone dying automatically make them a saint these days?

Author — Alexander Wahbeh


Remember when he brought Crack/Cocaine to the hood?? :)



Shame on those wishing him ill will, most of you were never even alive to see him as president, Bush was a fine man. Rest in Peace.

Author — Al


Another Imperialist warmonger has croaked, another dismissive news cycle calling them some sort of "hero". The hundreds of thousands of civilians killed at the hands of this monster would beg to differ.

Author — Ash


Another warlord kicks the bucket. November 30 might become a national holiday in Panama.

Author — siberiandante


What about is complicit silence about the HIV crisis in the 80s? 🌿🕊️🌿🕊️🌿😪🌿

Author — Emmanuel Lepage


His illegal invasion of Panama City resulted in the deaths of about 2000 civilians, but the mainstream news only reported about a dozen U.S. soldiers' deaths in "the fight to liberate Panama" from Panama's own president, Manuel Noriega. Most members of the UN Security Council condemned the action. The US had no right to invade Panama, a sovereign nation, to kidnap Noriega, but they got away with it and killed a lot of innocent bystanders in the process.

Author — Mark T.


The Bush family gave our American families death, destruction and deficits as a result of their embroiling us in endless and pointless wars in the Middle East and allowing for open borders to continue. And all the while, enhancing their own wealth and position. Globalists and power hungry. Great friends of the Clintons, the most dishonest, greedy, law-breaking political couple in American history that risked national security. No, not a great family, just a an exceedingly ambitious and greedy one, like the rest of the power hungry control freaks of this world. I only respect all those honest and brave sons and daughters of every-day, hard-working American families who ask for nothing and give their ALL! THEY are the good and decent people of this world. To the Bushes and their ilk, our families are just canon fodder who exist to serve THEIR interests. That's the sickening mentality of these narcissists. Always planning and scheming their next conquest while dividing and sowing discord among the masses to keep us distracted and off balance!

Author — Larry Villano


I'm gonna go ahead and remember victims of aids crisis he killed instead

Author — Malgorzata S.


Dangerous beast! The world is much better without such.

Author — Annie


1500+ civilians died during the illegal invasion of Panama City. He cut off HIV and AIDS research. He was a warlord who hated those different to him, he was a monster. All presidents make difficult choices, this is true, but he didn't have to do some of the things he did.

Author — Yikesu


What a great man. Thank you, NYT, for this remembrance piece

Author — Adam v


Serial killers are always polite. He talks nice all he wants in public but in reality, many innocent people were killed in Panama and Iraq due to his decisions. They serve America by mass murdering in foreign countries. The call Assad a killer and a mass murderer but when the mass murderer is an American, one of them, they call him a hero.

Author — Dante war


Curse his soul, I can't wait to see every Bush kicking the bucket and paying for their horrendous crimes against humanity

Author — Sphere Code


George H. W. Bush presidency (1989-1993)
1989 Revolutions of 1989
1990 Gulf War
1991 Fall of the Soviet Union
1992 Los Angeles Riots

Author — Miguel Angel Luevano Martinez


Bush was the founder of al queda, along with regan

Author — Sofa King


What great news to start with in the morning!

Author — Lora Buff


Former US president and CIA chief George H. Bush, the father of the current US President George W. Bush, has been accused throughout his life of being involved either with terrorism, the Mafia, and drug trafficking, either during his time as CIA director (1976-1977) or his term as Vice President (1980-1988) or President (1989-1992). Apart from his alleged involvement in the CIA during the Kennedy assassination, he is also said to have carried out violations of the Geneva Convention as a US fighter pilot during the war. He was alleged to have killed Japanese trawler men in a lifeboat whilst a fighter-pilot during the second world war. The latest person to make these allegations is the former Panamanian dictator and CIA stooge, General Manuel Noriega, who is presently serving a 40 year jail sentence in the USA. Calling Bush a "cold blooded killer", he repeats the story that Bush had found Japanese trawler men in a lifeboat, who all had their hands up, but Bush shot them anyway. According to The Observer, Bush has always refused to respond to accusations that he killed Japanese trawler men whose ship he sunk in 1944

Author — Marchoupi


He is one of my favorite presidents of all time and I am lifetime Democrat that is how special George HW Bush was R.I.P.

Author — Patrick


rest in peace George H.W Bush your legacy will always live on

Author — justin parker

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