Sadhguru & Zakir Nair : Views on Religion .

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Sadhguru & Zakir Nair : Views on Religion .4.5
Sadhguru and Zakir Nair : Views on Religion

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Zakir mostly plays with words very well... Bt this time he is just helpless 😂😂😂

Author — Ayan Dandapat


When idiot becomes confident, the world is in danger

Author — Aakash Kumar


This Zakir Naik the Joker Compares God with a Doctor. Totally Illogical.He is a curse for the Muslims on the earth.

Author — Syed Rehman


I'm Hindu... I Rarely Go Temple...Being Hindu I feel we have lot of Freedom... I Don't believe in God... I Believe in Humanity...

Author — Indian


Even here some Muslims brother and sister are praising Sadhguru.
Quality will always be respected.

Author — roshan kumar


Non idea who this 2 persons are but the seconds person (sadhguru) was amazing wise words full of wisdom 🙏🏼

Author — ᏕN͟ᎾᎳ๏ᏞᎥ͟ᎾN


Zakir is like engineering students, even if you don't know you have to answer.

Author — Sourav Sarkar


That's why he ran away from India, bcoz he wanted to met heart specialist in Saudi

Author — A Jordan


I am Muslim but I honestly dont take religion to serious bcuz it doesn't make sense

Author — Tracey Khan


I think even Muslims should not listen to Zakir.

Author — No Name


zakir naik is a terrorist, he is turning ppl into radicals, by applying his strange logic

Author — Blockchain bhakt


Science? Quran with Flat earth theory? Wtf did Zakir just say? 😂😂😂

Author — Manixh Kondhalkar


Like this man & his speech. So calm and polite....

Author — Abu Mohiuddin


This is reason I love Hinduism and Buddhism the god is big hearted

Author — Akash Izumi


My heart hurts knowing that our country has a million people like zakir naik and only 1 sadhguru. Zakir is a blind follower and Sadhguru is an enlightened seeker.

Author — Aditya Sanjeev


According to zakir. Muslim will fear only allah.. but he fear with indian govt.😂😂

Author — CAhelp tube


That's the reason we should follow Sufi to understand Islam I go with sadguru ji apart

Author — Shaikh Yasar wahidi


As per zakir Allah is like a doctor (Man) if you will take another appointment he will not deal with

Kuch bhi...

Making fool of announced public

Author — Nishant Kharkwal


I'm a Muslim myself...but was impressed by sad guru...this is why u must go by the Quran's interpretation and not its direct translation...when a verse from the Quran was revealed u must analyse the kind of situation in which it was revealed...zakir naik is going by its mere translation.

Author — ezpz maths


So some Idiot do NOT understand Hindu Vedas!🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣

Author — Adiyogi Shiva

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