Steyn: Lackluster ticket sales for Clinton speaking tour

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Steyn: Lackluster ticket sales for Clinton speaking tour5
Clinton tour tickets drop to as low as $11; Mark Steyn reacts on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.'

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If you want an evening with the Clintons to sell out. Hang them. It would be a world wide celebrated sold out tour.

Author — Major blitz


Why pay to see two professional liars when you can watch hundreds on CNN for free?

Author — Slick Willie


Trump would have PACKED that arena in Toronto.

Author — D Larson


Clintons used this event to bash Trump to a bunch of liberals and yet barely anyone showed up LMAO

Author — Con R


They should both be in jail why are they even free.

Author — Richard Cerritelli


No one is buying what they're selling anymore .

Author — Timothy Walters


I'll go heckle the Clintons for a couple bucks...

Author — Howyounotknow


I’m from Toronto as well and I didn’t even know they were here lmao

Author — Brandon Bourgault


I tipped my waitress last weekend more than the cost of Bill and Hillary's tour tickets

Author — B e m e D i p


I an waiting for the Obama tour, , I want to hear how he made America great aging and how he won the second world he is a legend in his own mind

Author — Mark Fisher


LOL at those people who paid 100's of dollars when those tickets first went on sale, only to see the price drop to 4 bucks. Your heroes at work..lmao

Author — MCrider


Their assets are frozen. The tour was about generating money and they arrogantly thought they would pack stadiums.

Author — Joseph Allert


Meanwhile.... President Trump keeps filling full size stadiums like a rock star with huge lines outside left out due to capacity.

Author — Magnum Mountaineer


I'd rather run naked through a meth lab, with my pubes on fire, than sit through an evening listening to those two!

Author — Fly O


America and the world are waking up. To see the Clinton's as to who they really are.

Author — James Copeland


The only thing I can think of that Hillary would want more than the presidency might be for people to bow down and worship her.

Author — wes c


The tickets went as low as $6.75! NOT $11.00...please, report facts Carlson. I wouldn't pay $0.02 for both Clintons.

Author — Inarticulate Cavazos


If you want to see big audiences, sell tickets to her trial for treason.

Author — Chico Little


No one comes out to see these two creeps, and no one comes to a FREE Oblabla rally with musical guests... yet we believe them when they tell us that "Dem enthusiasm is at an all time high".

It's the ILLEGAL ALIENS voting for these people. They don't go to rallies.

Author — Conspiracy Theorista


Remember, half (or more) of the PEOPLE @ Clinton RALLY, are employees

Author — tri-u watersports

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